What is the best TH8 War Base?

​The best way (which I considered) of setting AS is to face ALL 3 of these ADs. I'll talk about the Tesla Farm in a later areas. Having the Air Sweeper confronting every one of the Three Air Defenses permit it so that regardless of which of the 3 AIr Defenses they attempt to Lightning, the Air Sweeper will have the capacity to shoot at the staying two Air Defense. On the off chance that the Air Sweeper is just confronting one AD, the rival has the upside of having the capacity to picked 2 ADs and assaulting from the sides of the AS. Having the Air Sweeper confront every one of the 3 ADs permits you to realize that it will push winged serpents regardless of what in the front perspective of Air Sweeper. However, because of the way that the adequacy of Air Sweeper insurance is being played, the adversary assault will now attempt to assault from behind the AS which you can use further bolstering your good fortune.

In this situation, you can see the way that on the off chance that they Zap-tremor that base right AD, or the mirror Bottom Left AD of the TH8 War Base, there will STILL be two remaining ADs that the adversary needs to mythical serpent. Regardless of which of these two AD they pulverize, the AS will at present successfully have the capacity to target mythical serpents that are rolling in from the AD course. This gives a high risk of you having the capacity to protect against Dragons if the adversary needs to have a frontal strike. Not too bad to low level assailants will proceed and hard-versus hard against your base and against the stream of the AS which is the thing that you need to happen. Yet, for the more brilliant aggressors/top assailants they know the way that assaulting from this point puts their monsters to an impediment so they'll opinion piece for going in from behind, taking out the furthest AD.

Suppose for instance, you did the "off base" method for doing the AS intentionally. Presently you have the capacity to envision the way that the adversary WILL purposefully attempt to slaughter the AD that is the hardest to get, making getting the staying two AD less demanding to Dragon. The minute they wrap up the twin AD kill, they are left with pondering mythical beasts. In the event that you make a correlative Kill Zone that is inverse of the Two Air Defenses of any TH8 War Base, and give an "extraordinary divider" with Tesla Farm, 2 Archer Towers being secured on the inverse side of the Twin AD, these can without much of a stretch battle the remaining measure of mythical serpents that aren't as one. The benefit of this over the past method for having each of the 3 ADs secured is the it bluffs the component of being 'not by any stretch of the imagination well fabricated' yet truth be told, it covertly effectively thought about that the Tesla Farms will counter and is integral situating of the twin AD
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